Elmhurst Energy Manifesto

  22nd Apr 2015

We at Coles Knapp support the Elmhurst Energy Manifesto…

We’ve written to our MP, Chris Ruane and to Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change about it. Please feel free to do the same.

Since the instigation of the EPC legislation in 2007 (Domestic) and 2008 (Non Domestic) there has been minimal compliance enforcement, especially within the Non Domestic sphere. Effectively the legislation was created with good intentions but the failure to enforce it in any meaningful way means only lip service is being paid to it.

Elmhurst Energy, one of the largest Accreditation bodies in the UK, have developed the Manifesto below which calls for the existing EPC industry to be better supported in order to utilise this powerful tool more effectively.

The Elmhurst Energy Manifesto

The energy assessment industry is committed to supporting the government in saving households and businesses money, whilst also reducing carbon emissions for the country as a whole. Elmhurst Energy believes we will bring about change and create a more energy efficient society if your party acts to: –

  • Reduce the validity period for all Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) – a property will change radically in a 10 year period.
  • Have EPCs at the core of all future energy initiatives – where the industry has invested skills, tools and an established methodology.
  • Extend the role of Energy Assessors to include advice – sustainability is an important message and we all need to be involved in spreading awareness of it.
  • Maintain an energy efficiency strategy to allow stability to plan and invest – we need better continuity to allow businesses to survive whilst supporting sustainability policy.