All Coles Knapp Assessors qualified under new EPC Legislation

  27th Feb 2012

All Coles Knapp assessors have taken and passed the new qualification exam under the Domestic EPC legislation, with one assessor (who will remain unnamed!) achieving 97%. The qualification is mandatory for all Domestic Energy Assessors to continue to practice after 1st April 2012 and to produce the new look Domestic EPC that will be in force after that date.

The new look EPC, which will be the cornerstone of the Government’s Green Deal (coming in October 2012) introduces a more practical EPC, with plainer English and clear recommendations that can be funded under the Green Deal.

Alanna Jenkins, Coles Knapp’s newest member of staff and a qualified Code Assessor and DEA with 5 years experience, said “There is a real focus on training and development at Coles Knapp, and the company has embraced the changes in the industry. The new EPC will be much more useful to the general public and we look forward to assisting them in improving their homes and reducing their bills.”